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Soil type/ Raised beds?


By Dimple

United Kingdom Gb

Hi, i was wondering if someone could kindly explain to me how raised beds work? The project i am involved is to set up a market garden project at a school site where i think the land which is being considered has been cemented and i do not think the school will be digging it up thus raised beds is what is being considered. I am a postgraduate working with the school on this project but i have no idea about raised beds or what soil to choose for growing vegetables. can someone please help- i feel so overwhelmed by all the conflicting information online! thank u soo much!



hi dimple
most of the raised beds i have seen consist of 3 quarters top soil and the last quarter is a mixture of topsoil and compost, as this is where the veg will be growing and gets them growing better if its a lighter consistency.

1 Jun, 2009


just consider it a massive pot especialy with the concrete ie old crocks,bricks at the bottem and steve is right about the rest.raised beds are generaly to save you bending down so far or stop bad soil being a there any chance the schooll will let you drill drainage holes into the cement ?

2 Jun, 2009

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