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About bees living in garden.


By Marge

West Yorkshire., United Kingdom Gb

We have a raised bed, formed out of dry stone walling about a foot high. Last year this got no attention and is now badly over grown. I started clearing from one end, and became aware of a lot of bees about ankle height, I stepped back and sat on a chair to see what they were doing. They were going in and out of a little hole in the walling. There is quite a lot of them, they seem aware of our presence but they were not threatening. We have watched over a few days.

I have no experience of bees, we have decided not to do anything more on that bed but to leave it alone until they move on.

They are not bumble bees, they are more long and thin.

As it is said on the T.V., about bees being in trouble I wondered if anyone can give any information, i would not like to kill these off by ignorance.



they could be miner bees, they live in the soil and dry walls too. lucky you. dont know when would be the best time to renovate this bit of the garden but i am sure some one will know.

1 Jun, 2009


wasps die of every year and rebuild somewear in the spring.your beez dont and your right they are in trouble and they wont hurt infact they are the reasen so many billions of other animals egsist.i believe you can have them killed which i wouldnt do considering what i just said or you could contact an a professional bee keeper who may take them of your hands or give you some advise.personaly id make that part a wild flower ,plant garden and enjoy the beez

2 Jun, 2009


The Bees are a blessing for your garden, just try and work on your garden when there is not too much activity about there, dont disturb the stones where they have their nest . I dont think they will bother you then, perhaps a Bee expert will answer your question.

2 Jun, 2009


great minds think alike telme lol

2 Jun, 2009


i recently damaged a bees nest when i moved my shed. at the time i didnt know it was there. i rung the local council who gave me the number of pest control.they wouldnt touch it as bees are a protected species apparantly. they gave me the numbers of a couple of bee keepers. they were not interested in them either as they only want honey bees. they suggested i just leave thm alone and they will go away at the end of the summer. not much help if you want rid of them but he did say that as a rule they wont sting if left alone as will only sting if get extremly agitated and would actually do the garden some good.

2 Jun, 2009


thats quite amazing that professional bee keepers only care about the money when they are the very reasen we live.can you imagine trying to ploynate bye hand a whole field of corn.i guess thats a sign of the times.theres a place in china with know beez and all they can grow there is fruit species and they have to hand polynate.

2 Jun, 2009


Thank to everyone who has sent me a reply, having checked out bees on the internet, I am almost sure they are bumble bees. They have come to live in my garden because I have so many of the plants they love! I am not frightened of them, I quite like to hear the gentle hum. They came and checked me out today when I was hanging out washing, then went off on their way. I took this to mean I was o.k., and we would share the garden!

2 Jun, 2009


brilliant im so glad for what its worth its about the least agressive bee type out of them all.if you take the size and shape weight etc and use physics on it on paper it cant fly how amazing im envious even wasps are good and arnt quite as agressive as you think.its just they end up in your shed or loft.they naturaly keep down a lot of the pests in a garden.i found a small or very young nest once ,quite an amazing structure realy.when i looked it had bits of blue in it.i couldnt work it out till i sore one rasping wood of my blue stained fence.the worst of this type is the orange japanese hornet .8-10 cm long very very agressive and akin if stung to the fealing of having a red hot large nail pushed into your full of useless info lol take care bye for now

2 Jun, 2009


Hi nosepotter, thanks for your reply.
What you said was interesting, not useless information at all.

It is all interesting, trying to understand how all ecology works, I am a bit paniced by the thought "if the bees all die, so do we"! So we have got to look after them.

3 Jun, 2009


well even looked at from a selfish point of view it makes perfect sense to keep something alive that selflasly does the same for humans as a nation deserve there hard work.thanx for that marge theres plenty more wear that came from lol take care bye for now x

3 Jun, 2009

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