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What type of bush to buy?

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

Hi I am looking to put a wall of shrubs or trees to provide a bit of privacy. Ideally I would like something that doesn't go bald in the winter and has lovely flowers in the spring summer. I would like it to grow between 4-6 feet. They will run up the side of a path but there is nothing to support no wall or anything so they will be free standing. And finally I would like to choose something that is readily available not too expensive and grows relatively quickly (not asking much eh?). Thanks, Liz .



How about Escallonia? It would grow taller than 6' if you didn't prune it, but it doesn't mind being cut back, and it meets your other criteria. You can get it in several colours...white, pale and dark pink and red.

1 Jun, 2009


no flowers but fatsia ie falls caster oil plant fills all the cryteria except the flower one though they do flower i wouldnt consider them a stunning looks like an indoor tropical plant.i would also suggest more than one kind of shrub to give please correct me if im wrong but there arnt to mant lovley evergreen shrubs with stunning robin is lovley but only for its structure and its red and white foliage excuse my spelling.

2 Jun, 2009


I have a mixed hedge of Evergreens down my long drive to do the same purpous which I find very interesting TheAucuba Japonica Crotonifolia (Male) Japonica Varigata (Female which will give you lovely red berries Right through till May, the Birds have just cleared mine now this week! but the secret of them is to prune the new leaf growth off in Autum stops it getting too thick and uncovers all the berries for the Winter otherwise they are hidden. You will see the green berries there by then. Escalonia as Spitz suggests. There is one I have got in mine, but I would avoid, is Lonicera Gold or Green, I find that very untidy and quick growing does not blend in with themaintenance like the other ones it always looks untidy against the others. Red Robin is quite good too gives you variation in colour.

2 Jun, 2009


Thanks very much.

3 Jun, 2009


What about Choisya ternata. Glossy evergreen leaves and scented white flowers May and again in September. Responds well to pruning. There is also a brighter leaved version 'Sundance' and my favourite Choisya 'Aztec Pearl'.

3 Jun, 2009


your welcome

3 Jun, 2009

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