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is this wisteria?

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

a few weeks back i asked this question as the leaves were unfolding. it does like wisteria now unless anyone knows different.

On plant Wisteria sinensis




Yes, it does! But I guess you'll have a LONG wait for flowers, Sbg.

1 Jun, 2009


the original was in for 8 years and 'died ' without flowering. so i wont hold my breath. :o)

1 Jun, 2009



1 Jun, 2009


doesnt sound good does it? but hope springs eternal.

1 Jun, 2009


Aye quite complex Sbg as many issues with them.Its possible to buy a dud that will never flower - grown from seed ls a long wait with no guarantees and some send up suckers like roses that dont flower either.

If purchasing the only answer is to buy one with flower on it as loads of healthy green leaf no guarantee it will ever flower.

1 Jun, 2009


Did the original plant flower? If it did then it may be only a few years to wait!

2 Jun, 2009


no it didint but it was a layered cutting from a good flowerer. so still not certain. still it might get me another arch for my rose.

2 Jun, 2009

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