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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Once again my garlic cloves are very small and it's a pain in the butt peeling them. Shall I chuck them away or is there anything I can do with them ?



Its easier to crush them in a garlic crusher. If you have the patience to cut the ends off first you don't have to clean out the crusher so often. Good luck, and waste not want not!

14 Jul, 2012


Im in the same position hank. Mine are drying in my greenhouse atm all smaller than a golf ball but i will be crushing em up and using that way. Its a shame to chuck away 9 months work.

14 Jul, 2012


Have you tried roasting the whole bulb ?

Slice across the top to expose the cloves then put root end down in a roasting pan with fresh tomatoes.....and any other veg...courgettes etc, sprinkle with basil and drizzle with olive oil, &add black pepperthen roast 45-60mins....really until everything is can then squeeze the soft roasted garlic over the veg....its so with crusty bread or on thick toast as a bruchetta topping....oh for summer barbecues.....!

14 Jul, 2012


What variety of Garlic are they ? I have learned through GoY that Elephant Garlic is a biennial, so although mine have ripened off, and look ready for gathering, they also are small. Am leaving them in situ for another year. Keeping them weeded and fertilised. Will also get more bulbs and plant in September to give me an ongoing crop.
Perhaps you could put yours back into the ground and see what happens ?

14 Jul, 2012


Many thanks guys, I've taken all your answers on board, so now have a few ideas.
I have roasted the whole thing before but as mine are about half size might I be wasting my time ?
And I don't know what variety they are, probably something nondescript !
PamG's recipe made my mouth water as I was reading it.

14 Jul, 2012


Me too, oh for some ripe tomatoes in the gh.....

I,d give it a go and use the back of a knife to squeeze out the garlic straight on to the hot toast & toms...mmmmm

14 Jul, 2012


PamG. I just had another look at your recipe. Oooooh !

14 Jul, 2012


Oh Pam I didn't know I was hungry !

15 Jul, 2012

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