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Is anyone growing this tree?


By Andrewr

Berkshire, England Eng

Is anyone growing albizia 'Summer Chocolate'?
I'm interested in your experiences. When was it planted, in what soil conditions, and how much has it grown? What is the lowest temperature it has survived?

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Not here in the UK Andrew, but yes, grew it in North Eastern Spain. I grew it in our hillside garden which had very poor, stony soil. We did introduce an irrigation system which helped a great deal. Facing north-east it grew to about 6ft in 3 years, but would have done much better I'm sure in richer soil. In the spring I would dig in a good helping of sheep manure to give it a boost. Those little fluffy tufts were a picture to see in the evening light.
Temperature wise, winters did descend into the minus temperatures and it survived well, whereas other trees like the Jacaranda didn't.

14 Jul, 2012

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