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I have several 4 year old black berry plants that are thriving. My question has to do with their minimal fruit production despite 100's of flower blooms earlier in the spring. Any ideas?? Alan



I assume you a referring to the black currant. Sorry for asking but in England we have a Bramble which, in some areas is also called a black berry. Have you cut them back at all and if so when?

14 Jul, 2012


Thanks for helping. Yes, I cut them back after the second year, but have not done any additional pruning except for removing some of the "sucker growth". I really thought I would have many berries, but so far none. Of note, I did get a handful of berries last year. With all the blooms I thought I would have a bountiful harvest this year. Too early?? Thanks again.

14 Jul, 2012


I have a line of thornless blackberry against a garden shed. Each year they grow new thick shoots from the base, if it is wet enough. Leave these to grow and tie them in. Later when the fruited shoots have been gathered by either you or the birds.....those are the ones you cut out to the ground. Then arrange the new shoots the way you want them, and fix them to a support. Do this every year to keep control and encourage fruiting on new shoots. If a root doesn't send out a new shoot then keep the best one of the old ones. If a root is failing. Put the tip of a new shoot into the ground and it will root there. Hope your brambles are thornless!!!!!

15 Jul, 2012


Thanks for the information! However, my plants DO have thorns.

15 Jul, 2012


Hi Gasman......when we had a much larger garden with lots of cane fruits we had and very thorny blackberry. This made it very difficult to keep it under control. It was kicked out in favour of Oregon Thornless. I believe others have joined it since we first had blackberries. Trouble is they don't always ripen at once, so need freezing to build up a quantity for jam making.....which is what I use them for mostly. They keep really well in the freezer.

17 Jul, 2012


Thank you for your help! Gasman

18 Jul, 2012

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