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By Pam24

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Why does my honeysuckle look unhappy. Its roots are in the shade and plenty of light for the upper part of the plant. Also the flower buds havn't come to much, just dropping off!!

Build_and_flowers_019 Build_and_flowers_020



look and see if you have something eating on them I. I had
Green caterpillar on mine .They where eating them up.

14 Jul, 2012


Mine looked like that so I dug it up. Well one I did, the other got a good hair cut, almost down the the ground. Now its seven foot tall and begging for another trim. I find that they need cutting back otherwise they get too woody and not enough new growth. The leaf drop might be the usual excuse, the weather. Maybe the land is a bit wet for it at the moment.

14 Jul, 2012


Thanks for the suggestions. When the rain stops I shall have a closer look and see if there are any caterpillars about and give it a trim at the same time. Maybe......

14 Jul, 2012


Useful question and answers.
I'm adding to GoYpedia Climbing Plants. :o)

14 Jul, 2012


I had this problem - mine looked as if autumn had arrived in June. I think it was because I had just left it to its own devices. I have found that it likes a really good cut back - so now I just chop it back to a couple of feet from the ground in the late autumn, and it hasn't looked back. (It's a halliana, growing over an arch)

15 Jul, 2012


Thank you Mel, I gave it a mini chop today but will cut it back more later in the season.

15 Jul, 2012


I'm not as strict as that every year, Pam - about every 2-3, but I do cut back the top growth regularly. The arch blew down last winter, so I had to chop it right back and wondered how it would fare. It obviously loved it!

15 Jul, 2012


Thanks, I'll post pics to let you know how it gets on :))

15 Jul, 2012

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