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Why won't my foxtail lily flower?


By Mojo46

I planted my Foxtail lily 4 years ago. every year it produces leaves but no flowers. This year there are at least 3 clumps of leaves but again no sign of a bud.

On plant Eremurus robustus



I will be interested to hear what any one else might think about this. I have a similar situation, leaves and no flowers, although my plants have only been in for two years. Advice in the past to me has been to keep them well watered and to make sure they are not crowded out by other plants. However, the very many eremurus at RHS Hyde Hall grow in amongst very many roses, so not sure how they do so well.

2 Jun, 2009


same as me, many healthy leaves no flowers

2 Jun, 2009


Have looked into this further. Are they planted too deeply? Crown should be level with soil, not covered and it should be planted on grit. Also, requires full sun and a reasonable amount of water in the growing season. Also needs a cold snap in winter to flower well and will not flower if crowded.So, easy then!

5 Jun, 2009


That is interesting Louloubelle. I have just bought 2 of them and was anxious to know how to keep them alive as the last one was planted 8" deep as per the instructions and was never seen again. They are so attractive.

28 Nov, 2011

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