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Robinia Tree ... is it dying ?

Now july and we've had ample rainfall BUT the leaves are turning yellow and falling off ... it doesn't look healthy.
Two points ... it has not been pruned for a year or two now ... and it is sited next to an arable field which does get sprayed with insecticides etc



I think that they can be a bit delicate, they don't like cold winds or 'wet feet' some twigs on mine will dry out and snap off

Although ours is fairly sheltered we are on clay soil on a windy hill the one in the village is much stronger

15 Jul, 2012


Hi I grow this I think Pamg has hit the nail on the head with her answer, its been cold wet and very windy and likes a sheltered spot and next to a field with the wind hitting it is most probably the cause of whats happening .

It should bounce back next year , give it a good feed in the spring with , blood fish and bone fertiliser


15 Jul, 2012


Thanks to you both ... I will give it a good feed and keep my fingers crossed that the weather next year is more kind

15 Jul, 2012

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