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I have just bought a Datura from Wyevale, has anyone heard of this plant


By Millie

kent, United Kingdom Gb

I cannot find any info on any sites i have visited, would anyone have any knowledge of this plant please.



If it's the annual type just keep pulling the seeds pods off once they have flowered to prolong it's flowering time.

Also note the plants are very toxic.

2 Jun, 2009


Also known as angels trumpets,full light and rich soil,it is quite tender so if you manage to keep through winter
prune in early spring

2 Jun, 2009


thankyou, you are all so quick

2 Jun, 2009


I 'asked jeeves' [lol] and there is lots of info on datura. But be careful it is poisonous according to the info I got there.

2 Jun, 2009


cheers Joanii

2 Jun, 2009


Daturas are now known as brugmansias - Wyevale should have changed their labels by now!

2 Jun, 2009


Not necessarily, Brugmansias are the types of this species that produce trumpets that hand downwards and are generally more pendulous and larger. The Daturas are smaller trumpets and are stronger and point upwards. Sounds like garden porn doesn't it??

2 Jun, 2009

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