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WOW..Just wanted to share this with you...Only started gardening last year and I sowed some delphiniums I lost most of them :\ Only 1 grew brilliantly dont ask what I did to the rest we will never I have just harvested about 200 seeds from this 1..I'm so happy it was like having babies watching the little seeds fall out....(I think I need to get out more) to think from what was a disaster I now have the chance to try again for free.When can I sow them? thank you :)



And that's what gardening's all about.

Sow them in september and make sure any seedlings get frost protection until next spring. Don't give them heat, they'll be too soft but just let them tick along over winter.

Good luck

15 Jul, 2012


Your right Andy :) thankyou

15 Jul, 2012


And if you keep an eye open other plants will set seed too, you don't always get the same colours but its a fascinating hobby.....
Some seed needs sowing at different times so always ask if you need to Kate

15 Jul, 2012


yes I will do thanks Pamg :)

16 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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