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Not strictly a gardening question.
I work in a nursery and were thinking of keeping chickens. So I need help. How much would it cost to set up and run? I was thinking of having 3 chickens. Are any particularly suitable to young children? The learning side of it would be very beneficial to the children.
Grandmarg I know you were thinking of having chickens



I am not an expert on chickens but our family had two chickens a few years ago and they were lovely. You can get them in all sorts of colours but the most common are the Rhode Island Reds. You can get rescue ones from battery farms or garden centres etc have them for about £20 each. Your average new hen coop / hen house is about £100. Or you can go for the small hens called pullets.
They need a regular supply of fresh greens , you mix food scraps ( virtually anything ) with layer's mash and they love fresh grain. But best of all if you have a garden and a lawn then they love scratching around for insects and eating fresh grass.
On average you will get one egg per day from each hen.
I think that lots of schools and nurseries now have chickens. Lovely idea.

15 Jul, 2012


In my experience, just make certain that they don't have access to the tools, bug killers, fertilizers, etc.! No one has ever housebroken a chicken!

16 Jul, 2012


I'm trying to get permission from the council> I only want 2/3 what a polaraver

23 Jul, 2012


As we say in the States, "Your Government at Work." : )

27 Jul, 2012


so much red tape, all for a couple of chooks! thanks everyone

28 Jul, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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