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By Adrian

stroud glos, United Kingdom Gb

Can any one tell me if they have noticed a decline of wasps ?About 8 years ago when we had that torrential rainfall the population was decreased quite significantly due to the nature of the queen that can sleep low down i.e in old wood etc. and was washed away, aggh. There's certainly a non existant number in stroud, glos. but has any one else noticed ?



i think i must have all the wasps lol.
had a few so far this yr in the kitchen

3 Jun, 2009


No, certainly not! Damn things drive me mad here, and I'm sure they're much bigger than they used to be, they're a good half inch long. I won't know till we get to end July/August whether there's as many as usual though.

3 Jun, 2009


oh I wish. sadly as many as ever. that reminds me i will have to get my epipen renewed.

3 Jun, 2009


I've noticed a decline in many insects even houseflies, not that I'm complaining about them! A few years ago we had a wasps nest at the bottom corner of our small garden. they were fascinating to watch as they do a strange dance like bees. They caused no harm and kept down green fly etc. There is no decline in greenfly unfortunately. Perhaps it's different in different parts of the country.

3 Jun, 2009

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