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H i I am planning on re turfing my small lawn , when I moved our garden had what my farther inlaw said was a English rose garden i.e. wide beds all around the boarders and a small area of lawn running down the middle . So i cleared it all and made some effort to level the old beds and re lawned it ,great I thought.But over time the boarders have reppeared as the newer turf has sunk.not alot but enough, my plan is to leave to current turf down and cover the garden with enough top soil to level the whole garden and ten returf it, hopefully endong up with a new level lawn. So my question is do you think it will work any advice will be greatly appriciated.
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I wouldn't, though I believe other people do it. I can't think of anything worse than doing as you're suggesting, and still finding it's all sinking. Buy a copy of the Lawn Expert by D. G. Hessayon if you want the real lowdown on how to lay a lawn, but really you should take up what's there, turn it over, re-level, "heel" the soil all over (this means walking over every bit of it on your heels to compress any pockets so you know where they are, re-level, scratch up the top to a fine tilth when you're sure there's no pockets, lay the turf, having put loads of Growmore down first under the turf. I'm tired just saying it ...

3 Jun, 2009


Don't put turf on top of turf. It can be too compacted, so that's not a good plan. Also, if and when it does grow, you will have uneven grass anyway.

As bamboo says, you need to remove the old turf. You can then add topsoil, heel, add, heel, add etc until you feel you're at the right level and then lay the new turf.

3 Jun, 2009

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