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By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

is it ready yet? how will i know when the peas are ready to harvest? I have lots and lots growing and are quite big too some are getting wuite fat, when will I know when to take them off the vines? and will they keep producing more onece they are off or will this be one lot?

cheers my darlins dont lnow where I would be without you all
x x x



You'll know your peas are ready if you feel the pod and it is fat and solid. The peas will keep on flowers and producing new pods so long as you keep picking.... it will be weeks before we get any peas - sigh!

3 Jun, 2009


depends on how big you want your peas. pull one pod and open it, if too small leave the rest a while longer. compost the pods too. its not likely that you will get a repeat flowering though but knowing how lucky you are, i bet you do. :o)

remember petite pois are just small peas!

how's the pergola challenge coming along?

3 Jun, 2009


im so excited i LOVE peas

will open one later with Cody, show her they dont just come from the freezer!!

pergola... I havent mentioned it for a few days thought i would leave it and then catch him when hes in a spending mood

x x x

3 Jun, 2009


Heehee! Good luck darling!

Don't want to spoil the image, but get Cody to help you "shell" the peas, then put the excess in the freezer to keep the nutrients in!

I'm jealous! Lol!! Will try again next year, so well done you!

3 Jun, 2009


I just pick them as i wish, they taste good when ever.
Don,t forget to put the pea shoot,s in with your salad,s they taste lovely

5 Jun, 2009

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