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DUBLIN, Ireland Ie

Hi Guys, My anthruium fever plant still has only one orange flower and leaves turning brown, can anyone tell me what the problem is.................



A picture would help, Beautiful, but I can give you some of its normal requirements. It likes bright, indirect light, but little or no direct sunlight--a big open north window would be ideal, or an east window with sheers or a chintz curtain. It needs warm temps, at least 22º C at night, but not over 32º. It likes high humidity, so a pebble tray, or a spot in the bathroom, is indicated. The compost should be coarse and fast draining, and it likes frequent, light feedings with a low phosphate houseplant food. Brown leaves often result from too much sun, too frequent watering, sitting too long in a saucer full of water, or too much food.

16 Jul, 2012


Aha! I just saw the first question. Brown edges on the leaves usually means too little humidity, and/or too much sodium in the water. I wouldn't expect the latter to be common in Ireland, but it's still possible with some wells near the coast.

16 Jul, 2012


Thanks Guys for your replies..........
From Beautiful in Ireland........................

17 Jul, 2012


You're welcome!

18 Jul, 2012

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