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I have bees in an old bird box they seem quite happy and have been there for about three weeks ,Iam happy o leave them dose anyone have any do's n donts for me



I have had bees under my shed for two years, I have a Tortoise in a pen next to it and they don't bother her. Leave them alone, we need bees desperately.

3 Jun, 2009


Oooh, how lovely, you are honoured! They'll pollinate all your plants for free! Lucky you, post us some piccies please!

3 Jun, 2009


do plant more 'open' or single flowers so the bees can feed easier. please dont use insecticides.
enjoy them they are fascinating creatures. lucky you :o)

3 Jun, 2009


What a Wonderful Blog :) Its great 2 hear uv got Bees In Your Bird Box Sword100 :) For Help in chooseing Plants which theyl enjoy pop into Gardening Encyclopedia & look Up The Plants 4 Bees&Butterfles Pageitl give u many Plant 2 pick from !Enjoy :)

3 Jun, 2009

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