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Our pond has toads and newts - ok to clean out at this time of year?


By Lilymac

Strathclyde, United Kingdom Gb


We moved into a house that already had a pond containing toads and newts. Unfortunately, it looks like it hadn't been maintained over the years, and in the deeper half of the pond (about 6 feet by 4 feet), there is a layer of leaves about 9 inches deep.

My question is - is it ok to try to clear out these leaves at this time of year, especially give that there are toads and newts in there? Will there be any developing young at this time of year?

The best information I've found so far is to empty the leaves and leave them at the side of the pond, so that any pond creatures can find their way back, but is it ok to do this at this time of year?

Any help very much appreciated!




Personally I'd leave it until later in the year in case there are young hatching then, as suggested leave whatever you remove from the pond to the side of it so that the beasties can get back into the water

4 Jun, 2009


Hi Moon grower,

Thanks for your quick response.

When you say later in the year - how much later - September, October?

By this time, will the newts still be living in the pond (and therefore hibernate in the pond?), or do they find elsewhere to live. Also, what about the toads - will they actually live in the pond and hibernate, or go elsewhere?



4 Jun, 2009


later realy as amphibions come out the water to hybernate

4 Jun, 2009


There you go Lily... as NP has explained the toads and newts leave the pond to hibernate. We have an enclosed front porch with plants/shrubs in pots, one year I wondered why a particular plant was not happy and on checking discovered a large slumbering toad, we left him alone. We regularly find newts in the house that have come in to hibernate, sadly they tend to be dead.

4 Jun, 2009


just so you know if it was a big toad it was probably female im not trying to be a smart a%$e

4 Jun, 2009


Hi Noseypotter, Hi Moon grower,

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely leave the clearing out of the pond until later in the year now that I know the wildlife will leave the pond to hibernate. Do you think Sep/Oct time would be OK?

4 Jun, 2009


I'd leave it until October or even later

5 Jun, 2009


id say november - december.amphibions can actualy shut down and litteraly breath through there skin under water but newts,frogs and toads just get in before winters over to breed and ice can be on top of them.all these wild terapins stay in the ponds to hybernate and as i said shut down wear toads frogs,toads and newts mostly the first 2 realy only go in there to breed so actualy may only spend about a month if that of any year in water.they just stay wear its damp when there say you never find frogs in the desert but thats not true.theres is one that comes out the moment of rain and as soon as it goes to dry out secretes excuse my spelling a slimy covering and buries its self and goes into a torper for 4 years plus till it rains.weartheres a possabality theres a probability ive found with amazing.

5 Jun, 2009

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