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Compost bin worms gone absent.


By Viceroy

United Kingdom Gb

My compost bin has been full of worms for over 10 years and each year I turn it over and use the composted material and put back the uncomposted plus some compost and some worms. This year the worms have disappeared. Any ideas as to why?



Perhaps they're fed up of the same meal day after day, lol. (soz, couldn't resist).

I have a new bin with no worms visible at all so I might have to go find some somewhere else.

Anyway, that doesn't help with your question, sorry about that.

4 Jun, 2009


I can only think maybe it got too cold for them? This winter was our worst for 18 years......

4 Jun, 2009


have you had any problems with moles?

x x x

4 Jun, 2009


i think craft is onto hasnt dried out has it.mite be worth getting another culture of brandlings (red worms) its worth laying the odd piece of news paper in there and watering the compost here and there

4 Jun, 2009

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