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Is there a right time to Plant Anenone Coronaria 'De Caen' bulbs

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought several sealed boxes of these in May for planting and flowering in June/August but completely forgot about them.

The GC man said I could still plant them now to flower this September. I was wondering if I could actually hang to the until next spring to plant instead. I then read that you can plant these in Autumn for the spring???? Getting a bit confused now.



I always plant mine in Autumn but the instructions say you can plant in April for June and July, in June for September, and in September in mild areas or under cloches for late winter and early spring blooms.
After flowering you can lift them or leave them in the ground and these will flower April to May.

18 Jul, 2012


I'll be planting my Daffs in that border in Autumn will it ok to hang onto them until April to plant or do they deteriorate like bulbs?. If so I might as well plant them now rather than waste them.

18 Jul, 2012


I would be inclined to plant them as they do lose vigour and the younger ones will give better results. They will be dry so soak them overnight in tepid water to rehydrate them and plant them in well drained soil.

18 Jul, 2012

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