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I have planted a clematis in the wrong place!``


By Jangue

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I think it is Blekitny Aniol and although the label said any aspect, it is shaded by another tall plant and doesnt look like it is growing at all! Can I move it now or do I have to wait - no sign of buds yet



No flower buds or no leaf buds?
It is a late flowerer, so there is time yet for flower buds to develop.
Clematis like their roots shaded by other plants, so as long as it can get its head into the sun it should be ok.
Give it a feed with tomoat fertiliser.
Do not move until it is dormant.
If no leaves then you may have lost it.

5 Jun, 2009


Clematis are very tempremental they often do not flower the first year after planting although they may have been in flower when you bought it. I moved two lovely ones last Autumn that have flowered for years as I was taking down an arch that had rotted. They are growing now on a thin stem from below ground the old stems above ground have no shoots. They have to re-establish and consentrate on putting down good roots first. Be patient and you may be rewarded. I have another that I planted about 3 years ago and it dissapeared, I thought dead! this year it has popped up robust and healthy. I had to look back in my records to see what it was and when I planted it!!

5 Jun, 2009


thanks to both of you. It has healthy leaves but just doesnt get any sun . I will leave it alone (apart from a good feed) and be patient!

5 Jun, 2009


A good way to treat reluctant clematis is to feed, feed, feed. Water it with liquid plant food every couple of weeks all summer. It should perk up and next year it will be great.

5 Jun, 2009

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