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How did the bluebell get its Latin name


By Cat631

United Kingdom Gb

Endymion, a mythical character, was condemed to sleep forever (I think)
Non scriptus. I assume means not much written about. Can anyone explain please how this name relates to the lovely bluebell?

On plant Endymion non scriptus



Hi, i've just googled it too, being a bit of a wordy-nerd I'd wondered about its origin.
Hyacinthoides non scripta: "unwritten", to distinguish it from the legend of Hyacinth that WAS written about (?) Sounds a bit weird to me, but that's what the Wildlife Trust thinks is the reason! The same page says that bluebells have gone through 4 different scientific names recently. Do you know it under Endymion?

5 Jun, 2009


Hello Weeding and thanks for your reply. I always knew the bluebell as Endymion but over a number of years noted the use of various other names.Usually, the great god Google provides the answer but not this time.Best regards, Ralph.

5 Jun, 2009


If you just Google 'Endymion' you get lots of references to Keats...who was a writer, so maybe the 'non scriptus' is to distinguish it from him!!

5 Jun, 2009

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