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Leaves to long on Butterfly amaryllis


By Floradd

United States Us

Does anyone out there know what to do about too long leaves? Mine are alomost a yard long and must be supported so they won't break. Can you cut them off periodically, and if so, when? What to do to keep them from getting so strappy? I live in Seattle, WA. Thanks.

On plant Hippeastrum papilio



What are you feeding it on?!! You could trim them back on a diagonal to keep their natural leaf end shape. This may make the cut end go brown though, so you must decide on the lesser of the evils.

5 Jun, 2009


If it has finished flowering stop feeding and watering. Place the pot out of the heat and let the leaves die back to feed the bulb. Someone in USA might give you different advice but that is what I would do in Scotland.

18 Feb, 2015

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