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By Redwine

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

My wisteria is now three years old when can I expect flowers and what do I have to do to get flowers.




If it was planted from a seedling, it could take many years to flower - however, looking at the extent of yours, this is not the case! The standard advice is to cut the new, long whippy stems back to 5 leaves in summer, after flowering, then in Jan/Feb to three buds. I have an old well-established wisteria, and I tend just to keep cutting back the new growth as it appears, but if yours is only young, I should follow the standard advice.

19 Jul, 2012


Thanks Melchisedec I will bear your advice in mind, my wife would like to see flowers but I only planted it to cover the wall and the back of my small decking to hide the fence, I think I will leave the cutting back this year and cut back next year as for my wife wanting to see flowers I'll buy her a bunch. Thanks again.

20 Jul, 2012


If you do cut it back next year, I think you will probably see flowers eventually, Redwine. If it's to cover the wall, I should let it grow as much as you need and then start cutting back. Once it gets established, Wisteria can be an enthusiastic grower! It was after I first gave it a real chop that mine started flowering, and it's never looked back!

20 Jul, 2012

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