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Not really gardened before but got a new raised bed and am growing some veg with my kids. My question is - what's happening to our golden courgettes? They seem to be doing nicely, then at about 2 inches long the flower at the end dies off and goes mouldy and the end of the courgette goes bad. Am I missing something obvious? Am I supposed to remove the flowers? Or is it a pest causing it? Thanks for your help. Sorry if it's a silly question!



Perhaps all the rain - not many courgettes are doing very well this year.

19 Jul, 2012


If you can prop the courgettes up a bit off the wet soil it might help them.

19 Jul, 2012


Mine are doing the same but I know as soon as the sun shines in ernest they will produce nice courgettes, so hang on.

19 Jul, 2012


The first courgettes on the plant often seem to do this, but as others have said here, if you pick and discard these, the plant will usually produce more quite soon- and (trust me), often! Occasionally they do this at end of their season too - but I'm not sure why it happens. However, this year's weather can't be helping as though courgettes love to be well watered, they also like sunshine... and the water may be washing essential nutrients away....? Good luck with them!

19 Jul, 2012

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