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I have a pond (8ftx3ft and 1ft deep ) i ant it as a water feature with no fish. What is the easy, cheap way to keep water clear ?


By Thewoz

United Kingdom Gb

All products i have looked at are very pricey.



keep it in the shade or being natural get plenty of lillies plants etc.higher plants take the goodness out of the water so it cant compete and algi needs a lot of light as it is a very basic form of life.if you look at a lake with a lot of lillies and one without you will see what i will get an initial bloom as it starts growing before the higher plants but it will soon die pond water is clearer than my tap water apart from a little tannin which is a natural dye which is why a cup of tea is brown.

5 Jun, 2009


Try and get some stem,s of barley,tie them together and just place them in the water.This method really works in my pond,Good look.

5 Jun, 2009


I agree with Milligan the barley straw which you can buy quite cheaply from garden centres really does work. On a long term basis I agree about adding plants which will over time keep the water nice and clear. Sue

5 Jun, 2009


so does mine and no disrespect lillies look better than barley an experiment.get 3 just fill in full cover it as if it had lilles ie most of it and the other barley straw

5 Jun, 2009

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