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Just out of interest, is this unusual or the norm?
I have an orchid, in April 2011 it had a branch or stem of
buds and after I came back from holiday in June there was several flower out. The older ones died off and the last one on the stem was flowering well, after a few months more buds appeared. Now the amazing thing is that the original flower from last year is still in beautiful condition and looks as fresh as the new ones which are still in flower. This makes the oldest flower at least 13 - 14 months old. I have several orchids and although the flowers do last several months none have lasted this long.
I can send a photo if any one would be interested. Thanks.



Certainly not unheard of winnie Kaye. I had a phelaenopsis (moth orchid) that thrived on neglect and flowered for 13 months.....yet ive had ones that ive given total devotion to and they've lasted a month !!!!!


20 Jul, 2012

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