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Two years ago I bought 10 new roses, planted them in a new flower bed (old roses had blackspot) and for the last couple of years have had a very poor show of roses on only four of the bushes plus a new outbreak of blackspot. The branches are very spindly, thin and long. I am at a loss as to how to improve them. It is good soil with manure added last year. Can a rose person please advise? I have virtually given up on the ones with no flowers but would like to try and save the others.



When you put the roses in, was it in a bed that had grown roses before, even if you refreshed the soil with manure or whatever?
Update: I suddenly recalled you'd asked a question about your new roses once before, so having checked back, I know this isn't the same bed which previously grew roses. Have you fed them at all this year, and if so, what with? The best is a specialist rose feed like Toprose, applied twice yearly (April and again 6 weeks later). There is also now a new product available to prevent/treat black spot infection. Its called sulphur soil or sulphur chips (google for info) and there is also a wettable sulphur spray to apply to the foliage from the same people. Both these supply the sulphur that once came from the old fashioned pea souper smogs, when roses in cities never really suffered from black spot because of the sulphur content in the air.
Other reasons why they fail to thrive could be just weather related this year, its been so awful, but also too much lime in the soil, waterlogging or loose planting/windrock.

20 Jul, 2012


Thank you for that Bamboo. I will try the Toprose, as you may have guessed I have only been a gardener for three years and am still finding my way. It was a new rose bed, made because of the old roses black spot (now gone). My dad was a great rose grower but unfortunately no longer with us so I can't ask him. They moved a lot so all round England and Scotland there are lovely rose gardens.

21 Jul, 2012



21 Jul, 2012

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