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Hywel, is there a website with photographs and descriptions of Cacti ?
I bought one today in Wilkinsons £3. It has rust coloured spines and sort of Rusty fuzz over the leaves.
Then I discovered the label does not give me its name.
The same label was shoved into all the Cacti on the shelf.
Title is 'Indoor Foliage' seems to apply to all plants.
Quote ' Keep the compost moist but do not overwater or allow the plant to stand in water for long periods. Feed regularly in Spring and Summer using an Indoor Plant Food.'
Position - place in a well lit position but avoiding draughts/heat sources and long periods of direct sunlight.
The best temperature range is 15 deg.C - 20 deg.C.
(end quote)
Help !



i dont know a site but id bet a pound to a penny there is one and also you will definatly find someone on here who knows there cacti . i do know a cool garden centre in norwich called urban jungle . well worth a look got to be said , who im sure can answer your questions but if they cant they have a good friend who opens up his garden to the public and who goes round the world talking about flowers ,plants etc . he has a cacti garden outside flourishing in his back garden . if he doesnt know ill buy a hat and eat it lol .

20 Jul, 2012


Hi Dianeb, why not send Hywel a pm as he was around earlier.

20 Jul, 2012


Thank you NoseyP and Drc726 - will do some more investigating also p.m. Hywel.

21 Jul, 2012


I've seen them in Wilkinsons with that label on them - foliage plant .... which is the oppoeite of what they are lol.
Is it not possible for you to put a photo of it Diane ?

Here are two good ID sites.


(This one is in a foreign language, but the photos and cactus names are the same all over the world.)

21 Jul, 2012


Thanks a million Hywel. Will try these web sites.

I dont have the kind of phone that takes photos, just my Minolta cameras. Cant afford to update at the moment, fencing to pay for.

It annoys me because young people will buy these Cactii in Wilkinsons, and follow the instructions, losing the plants.

Will go in on Monday and buy some more, then complain about the labels to the nice lady on the Customer Help Desk, which will wipe the smile off her face ! Ha ha.

21 Jul, 2012


sorted lol and your welcome . urban jungle is worth a look anyway .

21 Jul, 2012

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