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Sowing forget me nots


By Mageth

sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Not having any success with broadcasting these I thought I would try growing in trays for next year. I planted them about a month ago and nothing has appeared. It was fresh seed. Does anyone have any tips?



Just get a plant of forget-me-nots, from someone they are just going over now, I pulled all mine up last week and shake it in your border you will have millions of forgetmemot plants in the autumn which you can transplant where you want them. Once you have them, you will always have them!!!

6 Jun, 2009


Of course follow Telme's suggestion if you can, but otherwise be patient, I grew mine from seed and I do remember that they took a while.

6 Jun, 2009


Thanks Telme but I think my borders are too densly planted for this and the seedlings dont get enough light or moisture. I will do another sowing in trays in doors in case they need a little bit of heat and try to be patient. I have the same problem with all the poppies so have grown them in pots this year which has been more successful. I know they dont like being transplanted but its worth a try

6 Jun, 2009


Dont worry about dence, you should see mine, and the forgetmenots come up in the middle of the most dence plants, find a little corner somewhere and forget about it, worth while sacrificing one corner to get your wish!

6 Jun, 2009


OK will split the seed. I do have a bare patch in a fairly moist border so will try nurturing them there

6 Jun, 2009


And bear in mind they may not be very visible until later in the summer - following the method of just shaking a normal forgetmenot over the ground does work really well, but they don't start appearing until late summer/early autumn.

6 Jun, 2009


Thanks Bamboo. I always get confused by when to sow biennial soon as they are ripe or later in the year. I will continue with the ones already done and try scattering too

6 Jun, 2009

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