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Tomato advice for a beginner please.


By Lilymac

Strathclyde, United Kingdom Gb

I am growing tomatoes for the first time in mini greenhouses. They have grown very quickly over the last couple of weeks and are now about 70cm tall. I have read that I should pinch out side shoots but when exactly should I start doing this? And just how much should you pinch out?



what you should pinch out are the little shoots that grow in the fork of the main shoot and the side shoot.
water reguarly, especially if it is hot you may need to water twice a day.
and feed reguarly
good luck

6 Jun, 2009


You should only be pinchng out the side shoots if you are growing an upright variety; leave bush varieties alone

6 Jun, 2009


Thanks for your replies. It is the upright varieties I've got but just not sure how much I should be pinching out. Using a well explained diagram from a book I think I've got all the side shoots but there still seems to be a lot of leaves and very few flowers. Will more flowers come in time? I am watering every day and feeding once a week, is this enough?

6 Jun, 2009


Hi, I water daily from when flowers are changing to fruit, then every other day i feed a week Tomato food like Tomorite.

15 Feb, 2011

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