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Hi I've got a fairly good lawn but with odd patches of what I think are rye grass (thick unattractive blades). I've dug out a big patch of this and reseeded with seed to match the rest of the lawn which has grown well now, and since then I've had more various patches of this grass, some of it I've sprayed with weed killer but now I just have brown patches. Is there any way of just getting rid of this grass? If I keep putting down more good grass seed over these patches will it eventually grow them out? Any advice would be appreciated :)



You did the right thing digging it out and reseeding with lawn grass seed - the clumps you're referring to are probably just weed grasses, and these can seed themselves from time to time in established grass, particularly where the lawn is thin or bare for other reasons. Obviously, lawn weedkillers don't kill them because they're grass, so the best thing is to dig out the clump, relevel and reseed.

21 Jul, 2012


100% what Bamboo said. Am doing the exact same thing. My lawn is normally awful but since doing the above it looks soooo much better ans green.

21 Jul, 2012

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