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By Fuzexi

London, United Kingdom Gb

After putting so much effort into trying to protect it from snails, a rogue snail has bitten the tip off my best Gouji plant. 气死我了!(That's Chinese for I'm so angry!)
What I would like to know is, is this the end for my plant, or is there any way I can get it to grow further?

On plant Lycium




Most plants send out more side shoots when the top is cut off so - fingers crossed.

22 Jul, 2012


It is actually good to pinch out the growth of Goji berry plants at the height you have to encourage bushiness and more berries. I am trying to grow Goji from seed at the moment.

22 Jul, 2012


Hopefully it will encourage side shoots asCammomile says thenyou should get more berries

22 Jul, 2012


Thanks! I didn't know that, so much appreciated! I'll keep an eye on it. I'm hoping it will eventually become quite large so I can train it to grow against the fence.

23 Jul, 2012

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