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At last I'm able to get in the garden and start tidying up. However, I've come across 2 things:
1. red ants in 3 seperate parts of the lawn, all about a foot apart fom each other. What shall I do? Are they a threat?
2. Just been dead heading my azalea & there are these strange curly things attached to them. Shaped like a quaver but have a sedum texture. What are they?

I thank you good people in advance for your advice & expertise. x



Are they azalea gall? If so, clip off the affected stems - doesn't kill the plant, but can become rife,with the bush covered in them, often affecting the leaves and flowering.
As for the ants, you can now buy a nematode treatment for watering on to get rid of these, never used it so can't say how effective it is. Google nemesys for details, select the ant one. Ants in the grass aren't really a threat, but they do make raised areas in the grass and sometimes bite if you inadvertently stand on them.

22 Jul, 2012


I do believe they are azalea gall~ your description sounds exactly like what I've seen. Yes, the ants have made mounds & my only trouble is that usually I go bare foot in my garden but will have to literally 'tread carefully' for a while. ThanQ. xx

22 Jul, 2012

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