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Help with unhealthy looking sedum....
This is probably just 'basic' gardening knowledge - so sorry if I sound stupid.
Both of these plants are identical - planted around 2 metres apart in the same border and at the same time - yet one of them looks like it is lacking something?
I know that sedums can be affected by the dreaded vine weevil larvae - but both plants are firmly in the ground with no sign of any other pests around the plant.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Certainly looks like trouble at the roots, Scottish. It is in stoney soil so should not be waterlogged. I would suggest lifting it and inspecting the roots. I didn't know that vine weavils liked sedums. I wish that they would go for the sedums in our garden rather than the primulas!

22 Jul, 2012


Thank B....I grew these in my old garden and was forever finding the larvae munching the life out of the plants. I'm thinking that maybe your primulas are far more appetising :))))
Yeah, the soil is draining pretty well down this end of the garden and nothing else around it is showing signs of waterlogging.
I'll lift it tomorrow and have a look and see. If the roots are looking ok, would you suggest I give it a wee boost of something?

22 Jul, 2012


Unless you can manage a wee boost of hot sunshine, then no :-). Sedum are native to dry, sunny climes in poor soils. Sorry, scottish, but I don't have any advice.

22 Jul, 2012


Just a thought - it isn't by any chance a different variety with paler flowers?

22 Jul, 2012


No Steragram....same plant - I divided a rather large plant belonging to my brother 2 years ago. It soaking wet here again today - I'm beginning to think that it could just be far too much rain.
Although I did add plenty of grit when I planted maybe it just isn't draining away fast enough. Like Bulba says - it needs the sunshine!!!

23 Jul, 2012


And this weekend we had some - hurray!

23 Jul, 2012


Lucky you :)

24 Jul, 2012

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