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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all just wondering do i cut these red stems off my rose bush or do i leave them?Any help would be greatly appreciated:))))




So long as they're coming from above the graft at the base, leave them - if they're coming from below it, wrench them off because they'll be suckers. I can't tell from the pic where they're coming from cos I can't see the graft at the bottom, so move a bit of soil away to make sure they're just new shoots (which I think they are) and not suckers.

22 Jul, 2012


as bamboo says they could just be new growth. many of my rose do this.

22 Jul, 2012


Hi all thank you so much for the advice ,i will be checking them today.Thank you again.Regards mark:))))

24 Jul, 2012


Hi Mark,
Looks to me like new growth - I get some like this on 2 or 3 of my roses.
If it's suckers, they usually have more leaves on - as wild roses do.
True if they are above the graft, don't cut them off. Just prune back old growth which has flowered, to a new leaf bud if there is a visible one or at any rate to a leaf joint & new growth will sprout from there again.
I find it best to keep roses cut back after flowering, they could get lots more flowers for a second show later on.
I pass a garden not far away from us & all the roses are straggley and reaching for the sky with not much growth on them, looking really sad specimens. I always feel I would like to get in there & cut them all back drastically & they would be much better for it! I don't know the people - or I might suggest it!! As it is - they would probably think I was a nosey parker!!!
Hope all your roses do very well.
I only buy perfumed ones!
I feel roses without perfume are like teapots with no tea in them - pointless!!!!
:)))) All the best.

26 Aug, 2012


Hi shirlwhirl thank you so much for your advice.I so agree with you that all roses must have scent.It is like having sausage and mash with no gravy lol:)))))

27 Aug, 2012


:))))))) we agree!!

27 Aug, 2012

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