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Should I prune Josta berry. ( Blackcurrant/gooseberry cross)

Nr Rye, East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Mine is having a bad hair day ! - has grown about 5ft tall,lots of new growth in a criss cross fashion.
It's in it's second year. Should I prune? how? and when?

I actually pruned while dormant we'll see how it does this year.




Let it fruit, then cut back about a third of all shoots in late autumn. If it's really congested you could cut out any crossing/damaged shoots in aug/sept. It is quite vigorous - so when you prune aim to let some air thru the middle and allow shoots room to grow and fruit. Make sure it is sheltered from cold winds/frost in spring as it flowers quite early and the pollinators need to get at the flowers!

11 Jul, 2007


Thank you for the advice Hoya, yes it is vigorous, it is sheltered by a fence, in fact whole garden is quite sheltered and faces south.

11 Jul, 2007


My Dad used to grow one of these as a standard, about 3'6" tall, though all the books advised pruning like a blackcurrant. He treated it more like a tall gooseberry standard and had bumper crops every year. I took cuttings from it last year, which are doing well - I plan to grow it in the same way. One of my favourite fruits.
(Thanks for the link from the HDRA forum, Tussie!)

17 Aug, 2007


Hi Cobbs, thank you for the advice, pleased you found the link useful

17 Aug, 2007


when can I prune Jostaberry

20 Feb, 2009

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