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My beans started to have like a rusty spots on their leaves. What is it? Are they going to die?

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They were all growing well untill now. It looks like rust and the leaves go all yellow and brownish. Should I worry? Is it an insect? I coud not find any.



I have a similar problem in my greenhouse and have just asked a question about minute black flies that obviously lay eggs and the maggots eat the roots.

7 Jun, 2009


Thank you, will have to do something about it. Or all my lovely french and runner beans will be gone.

7 Jun, 2009


I am sorry but I think rust on runners is terminal if it occurs early in the season. I don't know whether there is any chemical control but I don't think there is. I think it proliferates early in the season when conditions are suitable i.e. humid. Rust later in the season is more usual and not such a problem. However, you will not be able to grow runners in the same spot for at least a couple of years. Don't put diseased plants in the compost bin.

7 Jun, 2009


Thank you so much Louloubelle. At least I know what it is and how it affects the plants.

7 Jun, 2009


Oh Louloubelle could you just tell me, where does the rust come from then? From soil? Air born? Black fly? I am just trying to understand it.

7 Jun, 2009


Michaela I have had a reply about the flies I get in the greenhouse, they come from using compost with peat in so I shall try using peat free compost next year. If you have rust on your bean plants there is a spray but have forgotten what it is as we used to use it on our grapevine but not every one likes to use spray on their produce. I would pick the worst of the leaves off but you can't really do that if the plants are small.

12 Jun, 2009

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