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I am suffering badly in the garden. Slugs and snails have eaten 3 lots of sowings and mature plants I used Slugone to no avail. I will not be beaten by these wretched things. So I am starting again for the 4th time. My question is I have no carrots/parsnips/ cabbages or anything really. What varieties will grow now. Summer never arrived (well to be fair we had a couple of days) can I catch up?

On plant HELP BEAT THE SLUGS AND THE WEATHER varieties please to grow now



Do not be down hearted.My own garden has also done very badly,but not because of the slugs and snails. All strawberries ruined with mildew and no more flowers !

The birds have chewed away at the brasicas ,and my toms both outside and within the greenhouse are producing flowers but very few fruits.

It is possible that now the weather is improving we might have a nice late summer which will help us all in the garden.
I am not an expert but I am sure you will receive some more helpful tips from our friendly readers.
Good luck !

23 Jul, 2012


Thankyou justvera. Nice to know Im not on my own

23 Jul, 2012

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