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MyCoxes Orange Pippin Pips planted 3 yrs ago are now 30 inches high and healthy . Will they ever bare fruit?

Ayrshire, United Kingdom Gb

They are at present in 5inch Terracotta pots.



Presumably this is the dwarf apple tree you're talking about? Is it just the one tree you have in your garden?

I'm also a bit concerned that it's in a very small pot. If it's roots show at the holes in the bottom, the pot is too small. Did you protect it's roots in winter? (ie wrap the pot with fleece) Has it flowered this spring?

Sorry for all the questions but 2 different varieties of apple trees need to be 18m proximity within each other to be able to pollinate. The blossoms need to happen at the same time.

I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think your apple tree is a self pollinating one. It could also just be that it is too young to produce any blossom.

If it is not a dwarf variety, it'll grow much better in the ground, with some rich compost for it's roots.

When it does grow larger, the first year's blossom needs to be picked off to enable the roots to establish themselves. Future years will yield a better crop of apples. You could also under plant the tree with Chicken pellets each spring (or a high nitrogen feed) Hth?

7 Jun, 2009


The mention of the word'pips' leads me to think that you have grown these from seeds? In which case, 1. They will be almost anything from a new variety of eater to a small bitter crab apple. Domesticated apples are reckoned to be the plant most capable of variation from seed in the whole of the plant kingdom. 2. They would need to be at least 5 years old and twice that size to flower, so get them either planted out or in much bigger pots. 3. If seed grown then they may well be huge trees eventually. The one my mother in law grew from a pip made a 30 foot tall tree in as many years and produced a lovely crop of crab apples.

7 Jun, 2009

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