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We have 2 x Acer Palmatums??!! They are both standard and weeping and in pots. One is green and the other deep red. They both stand about 5ft in height and have been doing well until this year. The red one never developed any leaves and appears dead, the green one has some leaves but many weeping branches have no leaves and appear dead.

What has happened, do we have any chance with them surviving?



Try the scratch test on the red one. Just scrape back a small area of bark, see if the wood underneath is brown - which means dead - or green/white which holds out hope.

Have you had cold winds? That killed one of my Acers rather than cold on its own. They need some shelter. I made a bad mistake with one when I got it - I put the pot out in too much sun, and had to plant it in a part-shady position after a prune of the dead bits. It's done well there.

You might try that with the green one, if you can. Feed it after you plant it out.

24 Jul, 2012


I had an acer in a pot for a few years and it started to behave just as yours has, so I put it in the grownd in a shady spot and its lovely right now. I keep it pruned down as I dont want it to get too tall.

24 Jul, 2012


My dissectum hasn't ventured out of the greenhouse yet......

24 Jul, 2012

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