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Shallots YES. ,

i set 20 shallots on April 7th this year and because the tops were all straggling on the ground I dug them up and they are now drying out . I was well chuffed - I got about 60 ! Now I understand I should save the bigger ones to reset at the right time and pickle the rest. Or do I ? Do I have any other option ? And lastly - when do I reset them ? Thanks.



Personally I wouldn't pickle them but use them to cook with. They give a delicious flavour to all kinds of recipes - such as roasting them along with all sorts of other vegetables.

24 Jul, 2012



24 Jul, 2012


I would get fresh bulbs to set next Spring because they come from a different area. Prevents viral infections.
I used to sow Parsnip seed in March, then plant the Shallot bulbs. Seasonal weather means the Parsnip seed has to go into Peat pots in March in the greenhouse!

25 Jul, 2012


I just looked on the internet and was told to set small shallots to grow big ones and vice versa. Can't be right can It ?

25 Jul, 2012


Yes Hank, thats right, you will be amazed at how quickly they grow, but I am not sure whether this will work at this time of year.

25 Jul, 2012


Thanks all, I gather I can set them in October.

26 Jul, 2012

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