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I had a lovely blue one that flowered its heart out this spring. Its now disappeared apart from the dead flower stems. I've only had experience of the yellow ones before - should it come back next year?



Corydalis are either bulbous or herbaceus, Steragram, so you could expect them to have died back completely by now. You should see them again in all their glory next spring, God willing.

24 Jul, 2012


Oh great, I'm really pleased as I've wanted this for ages. Where we lived before was too dry for them.

24 Jul, 2012


I hope it does come back - I've bought several of these blue flowered ones and not a one survives more than a season. Don't think it likes the conditions here.

25 Jul, 2012


I know how that feels Bamboo - which is why I was so thrilled when this one flowered so well. Keeping my fingers crossed! I first saw it in a border at the Nat Bot Gdn Wales some years ago and wanted on ever after.

25 Jul, 2012


I too tried the blue corydalis, in Norfolk, year after year 'cos it's so pretty, but I never could keep it! By contrast, I was yanking out the yellow one as a weed in the end...! Good luck with yours Steragram, let us have a photo if/when it comes back...

25 Jul, 2012


Oh well, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. Keep trying Monjardinia, you never know your luck!

26 Jul, 2012

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