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cala lilies


By 201054

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how would I grow these



Do you mean Zantedeschia ethiopica which is often refered to as Calla? If so, you're best off growing them in pots, as the majority of them need winter protection. Assuming you have corms/bulbs, have you planted them yet.? If not, the smooth rounded side goes downwards, the slightly bumpy/warty side is where the new shoots will emerge. Plant approx 3 inches deep in a good multipurpose compost, preferably soil-based, but not essential. They take a lo-o-o-ng time to come up.
Keep well watered, even before they emerge, and once in growth do not allow to dry out. Best grown in full sun or part shade.
If, however you do have Calla, which is a single species known as the Water Arum, they need to have their feet in water or at least, boggy soil. Prefers full sun, but will tolerate some shade in warmer areas. Hope this helps and it didn't sound too much like a lecture!

8 Jun, 2009

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