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Can I grow Viburnum tinus in the pot?


By Shahida

essex, United Kingdom Gb

I bought two this year and put the in the big pots.Now I read the information and I am worried what will happen after few years?Do I need to put in the soil.




I think it would be a lot happier in the garden. Viburnum tinus can reach 15ft. tall and 20ft wide, if untrimmed. It's quite a hungry plant, so I think it would soon run out of nutrients, however large a pot you put it in. It will tolerate regular trimming to keep it in check.

8 Jun, 2009


agree bbb, the plant will need slow release fertilizer adding to the soil/compost. keping it pruned will keep it small, but you have to prune it late spring early summer to be sure to get flowers next spring.

8 Jun, 2009


Any container shrub will eventually need to be replaced after a number of years in a pot - you can keep them in pots for now, but after a year or two, you will need to plant them out. There are ways of maintaining a contained shrub's health and fitness and keeping them in pots, but it involves complicated root pruning, etc.

8 Jun, 2009

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