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I have a potato dilemma! Recently I noticed that the leaves on my plants were starting to die back and look a bit less lush so I thought it must be time to start digging them up. On closer inspection, although there doesn't seem to be any disease present there are bunches of hard green'mini-apple' type fruits hanging from each plant which I've never known happen before over quite a few years of growing pots. Can anyone elighten me as to what they are and why they've appeared please?? :)




These are the fruits of the potato, rather like tomatoes. Don't try to eat them though as they are poisonous. Some varieties of potato bear flowers and then these fruits, others don't flower. It is all quite normal, maybe you are growing a different variety this year.

25 Jul, 2012


thanks so much for your very speedy response :)

25 Jul, 2012

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