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Why is my willow tree losing it's leaves in June

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I have a willow tree in my front garden that is about 9 years old and has always been in full leaf at this time of year but all of a sudden it is losing leaves rapidly and I can't find any obvious explanation. There is no apparent fungus or insect and the tree is watered well so would you have any further advice. I'd hate to lose it now as it would have a dramatic effect on the garden.

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If they are brown and crispy before falling it could be wind damage. It could be suffering from drought even though you are watering it, these are very thirsty trees. I think you will just have to hope that it recovers.

11 Jun, 2009


Does anyone have any caring suggestions for a weeping willow losing its leaves other than just hoping it recovers. Are there any medications, vitamins or such that are recommended.

My tree also drastically and suddenly started losing its leaves this week ( July 2009 )... the branches look healthy. This was our strongest looking tree just a month ago and now it looks as if Autumn arrived just for my weeping willow. It is about 4 years old.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!

17 Jul, 2009


We visited a Tree Nursery and were told it was canker and have been treating the tree for it ever since. When you cut the branches there is a reddy-brown ring in the middle. The treatment was to cut back all the diseased wood to good (green) wood, painted the cut ends to seal the good wood and then we sprayed with a chemical that treats canker. Fingers-crossed it looks like we've caught it in time and new healthy shoots are now growing. Hope this helps. Good luck!

17 Jul, 2009


I have a follow up question. My willow is a Globe Willow and it took a good beating during Hurricane Ike last year, but survived with little damage, or so I thought. Now, this summer, here in the Houston, TX area we've had one of the worst droughts on record. I thought my willow was dropping leaves from the stress of the hurricane, then the drought, so I have not treated for insects. SHOULD I be treating it? I'm pouring water on it almost everyday. I love this tree and would just hate to lose it.

28 Jul, 2009


Hey. I live near Pasadena and I work in Montrose. I have two very very young squiggly willows that are doing great if you want them you can have them. Just email me

6 Jul, 2015

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