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ID please on this green and yellow leaved Iris with yellow flowers

P1040605_edited_flower_on_yellow_striped_iris P1040606_stripe_leaved_iris_edited



Could it be Iris forrestii and you bought it from Binny Plants?

25 Jul, 2012


i thought I psuedocarpus varigata but it is a bit late in flower if it is.

25 Jul, 2012


No Bb I did not buy it at Binny. I think I probably got it from Macplants and I think it is Pseudocarpus variegata. It says on their website flowers June-July and as everything is at least two weeks behind this year its probably just slow Seabg. I think this is its third year with me and it has a rhizome not a bulb. It has beautiful foliage and the flowers are just a bonus. Thank you both for taking the time to help me remember what it is.

25 Jul, 2012

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