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I have heard that hypericum calycinum is vulnerable to rust attack. Is this so and would you advise an alternative species

On plant Hypericum calycinum



I know they can go brown and very scruffy looking, whether its rust or not. What are you looking for - ground cover or something yellow?

25 Jul, 2012


Thanks for answering. Ground cover mainly. I have an ancient hedge whose understory is empty and open to weeds. I hoped that this species would do the trick as it exists naturally in other similar hedges locally. Does it just drop its leaves in winter ?

25 Jul, 2012


I can't remember whether it loses them all but they do get very untidy looking. I have a good clump of Iris foetidissima growing under a conifer hedge successfully on the north side. Also a pulmonaria which does keep its leaves and an arum maculatum and a fern or two. These don't spread much though.

27 Jul, 2012


Thanks very much

28 Jul, 2012

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